Last Day of Summer….or….First Day of Fall


The last day of Summer always makes me feel a little bit melancholy.  Especially because this past Summer never really seemed to arrive.

Less hours of daylight, cooler days, the impending winter….it doesn’t make me happy to think of what lies ahead.  I think what has always kept me from looking forward to autumn is not only the shortened days, each evening having less and less daylight, but also the cold.  I dread it.

I have never considered Autumn to be my favorite season but the older I get, I seem to appreciate it more and more. The spectacular  colors of the changing leaves, the pumpkins and mums… Wearing my favorite outfits of jeans, boots and cozy sweaters.  Football games, apple picking…The smells of Autumn always make me happy.  Despite the chill in the air, I find comfort in the smell.  I love taking my students on a nature walk in the fall, listening to them crunch through the leaves as they find acorns, pine-cones and other treasures only discovered in Autumn.

Living in the North East gives me the opportunity to watch Mother Nature creating her most beautiful masterpieces.  There is nothing like driving along the roads among the red, yellow and orange leaves in their most splendid glory.  There truly is nothing like it.  It almost makes the end of Summer worth it…



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