National Pancake Day

pancake day

I nearly missed National Day of Peace last week so I wasn’t going to let another “National Day of ANYTHING” go by without celebrating!  Today is National Pancake Day!  I had the day off of school because of the Jewish holiday so what better way to celebrate than to go to the local diner for pancakes?!?! There’s nothing like diner pancakes.  I have tried and tried to replicate them but to no avail. I have tried making them from scratch and from a mix but they never come out the same.  Plus, they are never piping hot since I can only make a few at a time.  Diner pancakes are a treat.  A splurge that I usually don’t order because they aren’t the healthiest low-calorie option. I went with the whole wheat ones today making me feel just a little bit less guilty. We all like pancakes in our family but we are all particular about them.  None of us like them soaked in syrup.  Drew and I don’t even like syrup.  Dave and DJ are dippers, leaving the syrup on the side of the plate.  Drew and I prefer regular sugar, also on the side for dipping.  Dave and I will spread them with butter – diner whipped butter is so much tastier and spreadable than the hard refrigerated kind we have at home.  The boys don’t like butter at all, (I know…what is wrong with them?!?!) No matter how you like them, they are a treat.  It is like having dessert for a meal!!  If you missed having them for breakfast today there’s always “Breakfast for dinner!”

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