That Went Fast!

agree to disagree

This weekend was a busy one.  A four day weekend from school because of the Jewish holidays.  We packed so much into those four days, I feel like I need a vacation!!  Doctors appointments, college tours, soccer games, photo shoots, a party with old friends…I even went into school one of those days to work in my classroom.  It flew by in a flash.

Today, while I was sitting at Drew’s soccer game, I wrote my blog.  I did it on my phone.  It was a long one.  One that I wrote about “Agreeing to Disagree” because I had a big disagreement with my brother today.  We often disagree.  We are very different and both very stubborn.  Neither of us will ever give in so the arguments and disagreements really never end.  They either fizzle away or fester.

I began the blog by writing that I didn’t understand how two people who came from the same two parents could have so many different views about so many different things!  We really couldn’t be more opposite. Especially when it comes to health, politics, economics….the list could go on and on.

I got home and got ready to publish the blog and it was gone.  It hadn’t saved properly on my phone.  I think in the end, it is probably a good thing.  It wasn’t mean.  I didn’t put any blame on him for today’s disagreement, in fact, for every negative comment I wrote, I made sure that I validated it with one of for myself.  The whole point of the blog was just my wonderment of our differences.

But in the end, it is gone.  Lost somewhere in the blogosphere perhaps.  Probably a good thing.  Getting it all out even if I can’t read it ever again released some of the bitterness I was feeling.  Now, thinking more rationally, I realize that maybe sometimes, it really is best to just agree to disagree.

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