Not Enough Time to Do it All


Do you ever have one of those days….or weeks… that you just feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done?  This is one of those days.  It is already 9:30 pm and I still have not finished!

I got to work before 7 am this morning and didn’t get home until 6 tonight.  For everyone who thinks teachers have “the greatest hours” I have proven that wrong!  Plus, for the last two hours, I have been doing more school work.  I know a lot of it is just beginning of the school year “stuff.”  It is not just me, I know a lot of my coworkers are feeling the same way.  There is so much to do at the beginning of the school year.  Things usually slow around mid-October.

Tonight, I came home to a yummy dinner that Dave had made.  All four of us sat down and had a real dinner conversation.  No matter how hard we try, finding those days are few and far between.  That was the most relaxing part of my day.  Thirty minutes of family time before getting into my pajamas to jump back into school work.

So tonight’s blog is a quick one.  The quote is a perfect one.  I love teaching….I love my class, I love Kindergarten!  It will all slow down and I will catch up.  I always do 🙂

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