DJ’s Last Back to School Night

don't try this at home

Tonight was DJ’s Back to School Night.  His last one.  I was feeling sort of bittersweet throughout it all.  A little envious as well!  He has an awesome schedule!  As a Senior, he wound up with some really great classes and his teachers all seemed very enthusiastic. I heard so many compliments and stories about DJ.  EVERYONE knew him.  DJ doesn’t talk much about school to us at home so I find out about a lot of the things he does through other people.  Teachers and parents who are at the school all know him as “The Weather Guy.”  Until last Saturday, I had no idea he did any of his television production work in front of the camera~ I thought he was all behind the scenes.  Apparently, he is quite the comedian and takes part in television spoofs and reports the weather in all sorts of interesting ways – like riding a scooter down the halls.  How did I not know this about him??

Tonight, he was asked to sit in for his Television Production teacher who couldn’t be there.  All he had to do was play a video that the teacher had recorded for the parents to see, but it meant that I got to be in the class twice since he does the AM and PM news.  I noticed his name written everywhere for upcoming skits.  He’s doing a lot more than the weather!  Today he did an insane challenge, that of course at first I was horrified at, but as I saw the video and the photos and he assured me of the precautions he took in doing it, I lightened up…although he does need to put a disclaimer on this one I think!  Everyone has seen the “Ice Bucket Challenge” but someone in the studio came up with the idea to do a cinnamon challenge!  Cinnamon?  He wore a face mask, goggles and to top off the costume, a cowboy hat.

dj cinnamon

He hadn’t told me about it but when a parent, (who knew about the challenge) came up to him today and said something smelled like cinnamon, he laughed and showed me the photo.  Who is this kid?  He is quiet and reserved at home.  Fun loving and outgoing but I had never seen this side of him before.  It was really nice to see.  Do I want to see another crazy cinnamon challenge…NO, but I love that he is such an active participant and so willing to try new things.

I guess it is true, as kids go through high school, they find their niche, maybe even their calling.  DJ has known since 9th grade that he wanted to do something in the field of television.  I am happy to see that his high school has given him the opportunity to excel in something he loves so much.

Oh…and come to think about it, as we drove home, his car did smell a lot like cinnamon!

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