Today, I had a busy, emotional, stressful day. It must have shown because Dave joined me for 5:30 mass!  To get Dave to go to church, something pretty major needs to be happening!  His biggest reason for not wanting to go to mass is because of the money hungry, hypocritical, mumbo jumbo that goes on at church.  I get it. I see it too, but usually I am able to get past it.

My good friend Maureen was sitting a few rows back.  She has known Dave longer than I have and I am sure she was wondering just what brought Dave to mass today.  At the very end of mass, we were all asked to sit down for a few moments.  Two speakers came up to talk about how important it was for us to increase our tithing this year.  I could feel Maureen’s smile coming from behind me and I turned to look at her and of course she started to laugh silently.  Dave comes to one mass in months, and the one where they are begging for more money is the one?!?!

One of the “stresses” I am dealing with right now is a reduction in my salary due to some things going on with the negotiations in our contract.  This is not only me.  It is all of the teachers in our district.  It has been a difficult time financially, especially after the summer.  We are on a ten month contract in our district so we don’t get paid in the summer, so expecting a raise in our paychecks in September and then not getting it, was a major disappointment.  Not only that, more is being taken out for benefits and pensions so our salaries are even less than they were in June.

Getting asked to give more at church after all of this was ironic, the icing on the cake after a really miserable day.  After mass, the three of us just laughed about it. It is all we could do. She’s a teacher in the district as well so we are all dealing with the same thing.

I understand how important charity and giving is.  It is something near and dear to my heart.  I also know that it doesn’t always have to be monetary.  I give what I can each week when I go to mass but there are so many ways to give other than in dollars.  That is how I do my tithing.


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