running with drew

For years, I have asked one of the boys to go running or walking with me so that I’d have a partner.  None of them ever took me up on it.  Dave doesn’t like to run, DJ is not at all interested and Drew was always indifferent about it claiming that he ran enough in soccer.

About a week ago, Drew came home from school with a permission slip for a new club that he wanted to join. It is a club that is training kids to run in a mud run in the Spring.  They meet twice a week.  Once for running and once for strength training.  He is so excited!  Yesterday, he went with Dave to get a pair of running shoes.  He’s got cleats, indoor soccer shoes, “regular” sneakers but no running shoes.  Other than the cleats, I didn’t realize there was too much of a difference between his “regular” sneakers, but if it motivated him to get moving, I was all for it.

He came home from school today and hasn’t stopped talking about it.  He has a special heart monitor that all the kids were given and a watch that calculates mileage, heart rate and a few other things.  He told us that they ran for a mile and a half today and after each quarter mile they stopped to do ten push ups and burpees.  It was great to see him so motivated.  He has already told me that if we run the race together, he might have to run ahead of me and meet me at the finish line!

This evening, while we were eating dinner he asked me if I was taking a class tonight.  I told him that I really wanted to but had a few hours of school work ahead of me so I didn’t think I could swing it.  He asked me if I wanted to go for a quick run instead.   I was so excited that finally someone in my family wanted to join me for a run, I jumped at the chance knowing it would not take too long.  We headed out as it began to get dark so we didn’t go far.  We did a mile and a half.  I kept pace with him and only at the end did he bolt ahead so that he could make it home first. It only took us about twenty minutes but it was a good release after a very long day!

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