Pumpkin Carving

october pumpkin

I have to admit, I am not a good “holiday” mom.  I don’t really do a lot when it comes to decorating.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE celebrating the holidays, I just never got really into the decorating part of it.  Maybe it was because my mom was the decorating QUEEN! She had things up on the door for every holiday, wreaths, flower arrangements, banners…all that festive “stuff.”  Other than Christmas lights and an occasional scarecrow at the front door, you wouldn’t realize it was any special occasion at our house.

I have only carved a pumpkin a few times as an adult.  As a kid, we did it all the time!  We’d each choose our own pumpkin and bring it home.  My parents would spread newspapers all over the table and we’d all draw our pattern on the pumpkins and they’d do most of the cutting.  After we’d spoon out all of the pumpkin guts with one of my mom’s big kitchen spoons, we’d dump them into a strainer and my mom would wash them and begin roasting them in the oven.  They’d be done cooking before we’d finish carving.  I never really liked them, but I loved sucking the salt off of them!

My mom would place all of our carved pumpkins on the front stoop, where they’d stay…until they were eaten by the squirrels.  She always bought other pumpkins which we weren’t allowed to cut into.  Those would stay on the steps long past Thanksgiving, just in time for her to decorate for Christmas!

Dave has never really been into the whole “decorating thing.”  He gets the house festive for Christmas because he knows how important it is to me, but other than that, he doesn’t go all out, and that has kind of made me become the same way.

This year, we were all invited to a Pumpkin Carving Party at a neighbor’s house.  I told Drew that I wasn’t sure I’d be very good at it since it has been so long since I have done it!  The two of us went out and bought two pumpkins yesterday.  We  didn’t go anywhere special to buy them.  We just went to the supermarket where we found two great big ones.  We decided that we’d carve one, and keep the other for decoration.  It took Drew quite some time to choose the perfect pumpkin.  He finally found one that would work for the design he had planned.

The invitation for the pumpkin party said that we should bring “any carving tools” along with our pumpkin. That just made me laugh because other than a few slotted spoons and some big knives, I had nothing in that category!  Fortunately, there were plenty of tools there for us to use.  Drew asked me to help him with his sketch.  I am not an artist at all, but I tried and between the two of us, we got it pretty close to looking like what he wanted.  He did most of the cutting with a little help from me and wound up with a pretty good end result!

We were given a few tips for keeping the animals away from our pumpkins.  One was to brush it with hot sauce.  Another person suggested cayenne pepper.  We tried them both ways and we will see if it works.  It was a perfect day for an outdoor party.  Pumpkin carving was so much easier than I remembered.  Not sure why we ever stopped!  I think Drew and I have found a new tradition!!  Now I have to go to the basement and dig through some old boxes to see if I can find the old Halloween decorations!  Time to get festive again!



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