Learning to Read


I occasionally write about the cute things overheard in Kindergarten.  I wish I wrote more of them down.  Kindergarten today is very different than it was when I was a kid.  It is like “the old first grade.” They leave Kindergarten reading, writing, adding and subtracting.  Less and less playtime, more and more curriculum.

It is a lot for a class filled with five and six year olds.  Today, during Writing Workshop, while we were learning how to work in partnerships to “make our stories better,” one of my students noticed that one of our new letters of the week was a vowel.  Our letter/sound cards are yellow but the vowels are pink.  He raised his hand and said, “Mrs. Sinclair, I just noticed that the letter o is a valuable letter. ”  At first I didn’t understand, so I said, “yes, the letter o is in a lot of words.”  He said, “all the pink ones are valuables.”  It took me a minute to realize he meant, “vowels.”

He’s right!  Valuable is defined as extremely useful or important.  Vowels are pretty important letters!  You can’t spell many words without them 🙂 I think that I am going to have to use that from now on.  I love those teachable moments!

Valuable vowels.  It has a ring to it!

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