Going to the Salon


Yesterday, our Emmy Lou went to her puppy spa for the day for a bath and haircut.  I joked with Dave that she gets her “hair done” much more often than I do, and boy oh boy was I due for cut and color!  Overdue!

Carla has been doing my hair for twenty-seven years!!  She did my hair for the junior and senior prom, for my wedding and my sister and brother’s weddings.  She has been a part of all the major events in my life.  I was at her wedding, she was at mine.  We attended each others bridal showers, baby showers…she’s a big part of my life ❤

When I go for a haircut, it is never just a cut.  I always get color or highlights as well, so it is never a quick trip.  I usually put it off for the summer because of the cost, (although she’s the best bargain in town in my opinion!)  It has been over four months since I last went to see her and when I joked with Dave yesterday about Emmy Lou getting her hair cut again, he urged me to make an appointment.  I figured since it was payday,  I’d make the appointment.  I was hoping to get an appointment for this Saturday, but we may have another college visit for DJ that day so I checked when her late night was. Lucky for me, it which happened to be tonight and she was able to squeeze me in so I headed over right after work.

We always joke because Carla knows me as well as my family!  I will tell her something I might want to do to my hair and she tells me right out “no” if she knows it is the wrong choice!  Speaking of bad choices, when they were all the rage, it was Carla who did all my perms in the late 80’s!! Back then, I never considered it a bad choice, but looking at photos, I wonder what on earth we were thinking!!

I change my hair color quite a bit!  Dark brown, light brown, highlights, I was even red for a bit – but that didn’t last long.  It is Autumn now, so she knew I’d be thinking less highlights, more browns and she was right.  It is always a drastic change for the first few days.  We joked that we don’t even know what my original color is anymore, but it is probably close to a dark brown which is the look I went for this time.  By January, when I am due for another cut and color, I am sure I will change my mind again.  I always do!


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