Ebola…should we be scared?

don't worry

Ebola paranoia is everywhere.  Should we be scared?  Is the media making us more worried than we need to be?  Is the government telling us enough?!!? Every channel on television has it as the top story, it is all over the internet.  I am not worried…yet.  Should I be?

Yesterday, my dad came over for dinner.  Of course is was the topic of conversation.  The day before, he had picked up our cousin from the airport.  She lives in Dallas.  She hasn’t been to the hospital where the infected patient was.  I don’t even think she lives near there but still it led to the conversation of “what if.”  He knows that but we still talked about it and It didn’t ease his concern when I reminded him, that he had her in his car, was out all day in public and now he was in my house and so on and so on….Dave said it reminds him of the commercial for Faberge Organics from years ago.

We are at the point that if it is going to spread…it is already too late.  The woman who helped to treat Thomas Eric Duncan flew on an airplane with Ebola symptoms.  Was she contagious yet? I guess it is too early to tell, but all of those passengers that were on the plane with her, have now gone off and been with others, in public places all unknowingly being exposed to Ebola.

If there is nothing we can do, I guess there is nothing to worry about.  If there are precautionary measures we should be taking, I am sure we will hear about them soon enough.  Drew just came running in to tell me that a student in New Haven is showing symptoms and may have Ebola.  “We were just there,” he said. I told him to relax.  it was two months ago that we were there, and I explained that to him, but even he is realizing the magnitude of this.

For now, we will just hope that it remains contained.  We can’t worry until we have to.


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2 thoughts on “Ebola…should we be scared?

  1. Lynne October 16, 2014 at 8:48 pm Reply

    Absolutely the best attitude to have Claire. Life happens. Live Love and Laugh as long as possible. There’s not much else to do. (>’.'<)

    • clairesinclair October 16, 2014 at 8:49 pm Reply

      Exactly! Live, love, laugh. One of my favorite sayings!

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