One More College Visit….


Today DJ and I took another college tour.  Caldwell University, a local university about thirty minutes form our home.  He was totally against it knowing how close it was to home, but did it for me.  I had been at a fall festival recently and there was a representative there who was giving out literature about the school.  They offer A LOT of financial aid and even though it is not a public university, it could wind up costing us a lot less than a typical private university. He was quite unenthusiastic about the visit.  I tried to talk to him about how little debt he’d have after college if he went to a school in this price range over some of the other universities we have seen.  Obviously that means little to him.  I doubt it would have been what I wanted to hear at that age either.  He went with me reluctantly but he went and that’s what I was hoping for.  We listened to Dr. Blattner, the president of the university speak as well as a few students who shared their experiences.  Once again, making me wish I could go back to school.  This school offers so many community service projects, including Midnight Runs into NYC where they feed the homeless.  I kept nudging him during the speeches and he’d just roll his eyes at me. We left the auditorium and he was still not very enthusiastic.  Since today was an open house, there were professors set up in another building who would be available to answer any questions about specific majors.  He begrudgingly followed me there.  It was crowded and he mumbled something to me about how this school could have such a good broadcasting department when no one even mentioned it during the first session. We found the communications table and walked over.  The first thing we noticed on the table was an Emmy.  It had been won by Justin Cece, a former Caldwell graduate who donated it to the communications department. Neither of us had ever seen a real Emmy before.  That caught his attention, as did Professor Mann who was there to tell us all about the department.  He gave DJ so much attention, answered all of his questions and even told him that he had the perfect name for a career in radio.  We talked about work studies in the area of broadcast journalism and he let us head over to the broadcasting center where we met the station manager Nick who gave DJ a tour of the studio and let him look at all of the equipment.  DJ was actually smiling at this point.  He was asking questions and fiddling with the cameras.  His interest had been sparked!

We even took a picture of DJ with the Emmy.  It isn’t the sharpest photo, but I joked with DJ that maybe it was a look into the future.

  DJ holding an Emmy

I am glad that he stuck it out and gave it a chance.  He wound up seeing it in a whole new light.  Now the application process begins…


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