October Rose

roses thorns

It is chilly today!  I actually wore my winter coat and a hat to Drew’s soccer game this afternoon!  After just wearing a sweater up until yesterday it was quite a shock to wake up to this morning.  The sun is shining but the wind is blowing and the temperatures haven’t gotten out of the 50’s.  The heat won’t go on in our house for awhile!  We try to go as long as possible without turning it on, even if it means wearing a scarf and hat in the house.  Dave isn’t stingy about anything EXCEPT that.  I sleep in a hat throughout most of the winter because even when the heat is turned on, it doesn’t get turned up much more than 62 degrees!  Nighttime is lower.  We use oil heat and it gets pretty expensive.

I was dressed in enough layers to stay warm at the game and the sitting in the sun made it bearable.  I am a wimp when it comes to winter weather.  I despise it.  I wrote about it all throughout the past miserable winter we went through last year.  I will complain about it and that’s why I vow to never complain in the summer about it being too hot.

I like to hang on to the beautiful weather as long as I possible can which is why this made me so incredibly happy when I saw it when we got home from Drew’s game.

October Rose

One last rose.  Blooming in the sunshine despite being whipped around by the wind.  It is hanging on for one last hurrah.  We have spectacular roses blooming from Spring throughout the Summer.  I can’t take credit for them.  Mrs. Werthman, the owner of our home before we lived here took meticulous care of them. She lived here for 65 years.  Those rose bushes are probably older than me.  I don’t do anything for them.  I let them be and each year, they come back in abundance.  This one rose, in all its glory today gave me one last hope that winter is not right around the corner.  I had to take a picture – just to remind me.

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