Sitting home tonight with Dave.  Both boys are out so we decided to catch up on some movies we keep recording and saving, yet never get the chance to watch.  Tonight we decided on Nebraska. I have been putting this one off, thinking it would be too depressing. Filmed in black and white, I just wasn’t sure if I’d get into it.  I was wrong.  I loved it!

Dave and I have a bucket list.  One of the things we have talked about doing is renting an RV and driving across the country.  Just to see what is out there.  I’ve been all up and down the East Coast but not many other places.  I have made it to Alaska, Louisiana and Nevada.  We spent a few hours in Utah while visiting Nevada while there for my cousin’s wedding.  That’s it.  It is kind of sad actually.

I want to see more of the mid-west, although the movie today didn’t really portray it as the most exciting place.  Driving across the country would give us a chance to see so much more.  Living so close to New York and the hustle and bustle of the city really shows the vast differences across our country.  New Jersey is the 5th smallest state yet the most densely populated.  Traffic is usually one of the top stories on the news because it is everywhere!  It seems so different as you get further and further from the big cities.  I think I would like it – at least for a little while.


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