Positivity Challenge

positive thoughts

This weekend, Georgette, a Facebook friend of mine shared a Positivity Challenge. Something that is right up my alley! Each day, she chooses three people and a theme and “shouts out” to them on Facebook.  Then she encourages them to do the same.  I asked her if permission to “steal” her idea and start spreading my own positivity.  It began with choosing three people that are already out there spreading positivity.  I chose my three and encouraged them to do the same.

The next positivity challenge was for coworkers or mentors who have inspired me.  I shouted out to my three, telling them how they influenced me and once again, encouraged them to do the same.

Today’s positivity challenge was to “shout out” to people who make me laugh.  This one was an easy one.  I had a hard time stopping at just three.  Now it is their turn to choose three of their own and continue to spread the positivity.

It is such an easy thing to do.  So many people are on Facebook anyway, it is easy to pay a compliment to someone else.  There is so much negativity everywhere we turn.  It is nice to see these positive things woven throughout my Facebook feed.  I hope Georgette’s challenges keep coming.  It is fun trying to think of something nice to say about people who mean a lot to me.

Try the challenge.  Let’s get some positive vibes flowing out there!

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