It All Leads Back to Family


Tonight we ate dinner at my grandma’s.  Gigi, her caretaker made a feast for us!  Lasagne, spaghetti and meatballs, broccoli rabe, tomato and mozzarella salad, roasted red peppers and a tossed salad.  This was not a meal for the entire Gianni clan, but just my family, my dad and brother.  There was a lot of food and it was delicious! Her roasted peppers actually tasted just like the ones my gram made when we were younger.  I told this to Gigi and she told me she learned from my gram.  There were lots of leftovers which means dinner for tomorrow too!

Driving home, we were talking about what we were doing two years ago tonight.  It is the second anniversary of Super Storm Sandy. What a crazy time that was for everyone in our area.  School was canceled for a week, Halloween was postponed, (for the second year in a row after a freak snow storm hit the year before.)  Once again though, we were with family.  Ten days without power led to us all camping my aunt and uncle’s house – the only one with power.   We ate together and camped out in all of the rooms of their house.  At one point there were over twenty of us staying there!

Small, intimate dinners together, big feasts, it doesn’t matter.  Just being together – it always leads back to family.

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