Teamwork = Success

important work at home

After all the worrying about what and how we would make Drew’s Halloween costume this year, we came up with an idea and a plan.  Dave got the paint and the trash bin.  I cut and pasted and created the logo.  Drew dug out his old morph suit and we have a costume!


He is so excited for tomorrow now.  Thank you Pinterest and all of those creative people out there!  He found his idea on there.

His goal is to win a prize in the town parade.  He has never won in the costume parade and although, I am not sure how original it is, or how it can compare to the much more creative people out there, I am so glad to see him so confident and excited about something we made together.

It was fun to work on this as a family.  Fun to see him still want help from mom and dad.  Sometimes it seems like my boys are growing up so quickly!  All of my friends have younger children and I miss those days.  As DJ is busy with his own social life and applying to colleges, and Drew is auditioning for the middle school play and involved in lots of after-school activities, I sometimes feel like I never see them.  This was a great way to find some time to spend together.  Even if he doesn’t win a prize, it was a win for me!

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