Candy Overload

too much candy

On Saturday, the owner of the studio where I take some classes asked me what she could do with all of the extra Halloween candy she had.  Since she was the third person to ask me that, I decided to look into it.  I put a plea out on Facebook and wound up with an abundance of ideas!  Shelters, the troops, food pantries…and then someone told me about a local orthodontist who collects it, pays for it by the pound and then donates it along with tooth brushes to a local shelter.  I decided to go with that one.  If we make any money from the candy, I will donate it to Rent Party, which is another local organization that gives support to children and feeding the hungry in our own town.  It might only turn out to be a few dollars, but every little bit helps. Rent Part runs a program called Back Pack Pals.  it is my “newest favorite charity” project that I am trying to get involved in.  It costs $175 a year to support one child.  These children are provided with kid-friendly food that are at risk of going hungry over the weekends.  Most of these children are already receiving free and reduced lunch at school, so this ensures that they will be fed over the weekend as well. Some of the things that might be in the packs are:

  • Beef-a-Roni
  • Spaghetti O’s
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Raviolis, etc.
  • Assorted Cereals
  • Juice Boxes
  • Shelf Stable Milks or Chocolate Milks
  • Fruit Cups, Apple Sauce, etc.

All children deserve a balanced meal.  There needs to be more awareness in order to get more support.  Perhaps this little chain of giving, beginning at “leftover” Halloween candy can be a start.

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