Get Out and Vote


It is election day here in the United States. Having the ability to vote is envied in many countries where people are given no say in the way their country is run.

So many people think that “small” elections don’t matter as much as the “big one” where we vote for the president but they do.  When you vote, you have made a choice.  You have played your part in choosing how you would like to see things run – whether it is your town, your school board, your government – in my opinion, if you don’t get out and vote, you have no right to complain!

The great thing about voting is that all of our votes bear the same weight!  In an election, there is not hierarchy of voters.  My vote counts as much as the billionaires or the poor.  It is one thing that we truly are all equal in. It does matter.  Get out today and vote.  Even if your candidate doesn’t win, you will have had the chance to make a difference.

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