Comfort Food

comfort food

I am sure that everyone has at least one thing they can consider comfort food.  For me, it really depends on the season, the mood and the atmosphere.  A big crockpot filled with Dave’s “Famous Chicken and Dumplings” on a cold winter night is one of my favorites.  I have to make sure on that night, I have nowhere to go after dinner because it is sure to be a meal that has me changing into my sweats or pajamas because I eat s much of it I can’t fit into my clothes!  No workout on those nights!  Just a place on the couch for me!

Homemade meatballs or braciole, (a thin slice of meat that is usually wrapped around a stuffing and cooked in red sauce.) It cooks all day, resulting in another night off from exercise since I eat until I am stuffed.

Don’t get me wrong, desserts are high on my list, I’d never turn down a warm brownie with vanilla ice-cream on top, but I’d take a warm crockpot meal over dessert any time!  I am more of a “savory than sweet” person!

I could probably go on and on making a list of my favorites, all of them filling and satisfying.  Some people believe that comfort food often provides a nostalgic feeling to the person eating it.  Maybe that is the case for braciole. My mom taught me how to make it.  The crockpot chicken is Dave’s own recipe though.  Kind of made up as he went along recipe.  He’s perfected it though and now his recipe is asked for all of the time!

My favorite take-out comfort food though is one we are having tonight.  Any local would understand…a Tony Salad and pizza from The Reservoir.  There is truly nothing like it and I have yet to find a pizza that it can be compared to.  It is a chilly night, we just got in after a great win for Drew’s soccer team. They are off to the finals and everyone is in a good mood.  The Giants are playing and we are gathered at my dad’s house hoping for a win for them to end the night on a high note!

Do you have a favorite comfort food?  Does it change by your season or mood?  Is it tied to something nostalgic? Perhaps something with a recipe to share??  I love finding new favorites!  We could turn this one into a recipe share!

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