would anyone notice

Over the last few weeks, I have had a harder and harder time coming up with ideas to write about.  I started this blog with the intention of sharing kindness and while it is never “un”kind, it has gone off track a bit.  Some days I have absolutely no problem writing.  An idea comes to me during the day and I am set.  Other times, I see a quote or story that I know would be perfect to share.

The was one of those nights where I sat at the computer asking the kids or Dave to help me with an idea.  Dave asked me just how many days in a row I have written.  Today is the 325th day of the year so, since I write everyday, today is blog number 690.  That means, nearly 700 blogs about me, my life, the world around me….and I wondered….would anyone notice if I didn’t write one?  If I missed a day?  I do have “followers” (that always astounds me.,) and they aren’t even just my family!!  Over 200 of them.   Would they notice if I didn’t write one?  My sister and dad would.  A few friends might realize, but really, would it be a big deal?

I think at this point, I am writing more for myself, a diary of sorts perhaps? I get comments after every post so I know it is being read but on nights like tonight when I feel like what I am writing is such a bore, really, would it matter if I didn’t share?  For now, I will at least keep it up until the end of the year.  With only 42 more days to go, I can do it.  They might not be the most exciting stories to share, you might hear more about what I made for dinner, or why I like to shop locally, but I will write.  Even if I am only doing it for myself.

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