Dickens Village

dickens christmas

It is a tradition in our town for Santa to arrive on the first Saturday of December.  He shows up on a firetruck, sirens blaring and arrives in the center of the village where Dickens Village is set up.  Miniature houses – child sized actually – are set up in Ricalton Square where children and adults peek into the charming windows to catch a glimpse of life from “way back when.”

Today, I was on hand to take photos of the festivities for The Village Green.  It had been a gray, drizzly morning and there was talk about postponing the event but since the rain seemed to settle down, they went ahead with it.  Just before Santa’s arrival, and the entire time he was there, it poured! Instead of a “White Christmas,” Santa arrived to a “Wet Christmas” and instead of the street being lined with families bundled up in scarves and snow boots, it was lined with umbrellas and rainboots. This didn’t stop the excitement of the children though.  Their faces lit up with the magic of Santa and it seemed the rain didn’t bother them a bit.

The crowd was smaller than it had been in past years, but lucky for everyone, there are two more weeks to come and visit Santa in town! He won’t be arriving on a firetruck, but will be happily sitting in “Santa’s House” to hear Christmas wish lists.

Each of the houses in Dickens Village are sponsored by merchants and locals and this year, “The Cratchit House” is dedicated to my mom and Francine.  Mom would have loved it!  This was her favorite time of the year and she got caught up in the spirit of Christmas every year.  I am sure she was smiling down on the crowd today…although she’d probably have something to say about me being out there without an umbrella.  I was soaked!

IMG_1677 IMG_1678

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