Money back is always a reward!

share the wealth

Not sure if this really is blogging material, but since the basis of the blog is “kindness” and I LOVE a good bargain, I thought I’d share a great website that I found a few years ago.  For awhile, I rarely used it and don’t know why.  It is only one extra step when you shop. Start at the ebates website and then go to the shopping site from there.  It is SOOOO easy.  They don’t have every store but they have a lot!

When you sign up using MY referral, I get credit, but then YOU can share it and get referrals yourself.  Who doesn’t love cash back and bargains?!!?  Drew takes after me in this respect and has really showed it this holiday season!

Ebates, “where it pays to shop on line,” is a website that offers cash back to hundreds of stores when you shop through their link. They have deals of the day and double cash back offers all of the time.  Although I try to shop local as much as possible, I do quite a bit of online shopping too – especially around the holidays. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a lot, but every little bit counts when money is tight!

So today, I am sharing my link here, Sign up and shop.  Then share the link with your friends and family and earn cash back as well.

As the saying goes, “Share the Wealth.”  Happy Shopping!


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