decorating tree

It’s that night of the year again. The night we go to our Grammy’s house to celebrate Drew’s birthday and decorate her Christmas tree. This year we also celebrated my cousin Jason’s birthday. Dave and I got there first so we went into the attic to bring down the boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. Then, we moved all the furniture around in the living room so that everything – and everyone- can fit.

My dad showed up with the pizzas and salads and everyone began arriving. We’ve been doing this for so long, everyone seems to have their “job.” After we get everything downstairs from the attic, my brothers and cousins put the lights on the tree. Then we eat. It is never a Gianni Family celebration unless there is food involved.

The kids love putting up the ornaments. Gram’s favorite color is red and nearly every one of the hundreds of ornaments is red or has red in it! If it isn’t red, then it’s a bird! Her other favorite. Grammy sits in the chair in front of the tree and directs us all letting us know if the tree is straight or if there is an area in need of more ornaments or lights!

After decorating, more food. Dessert – birthday cake of course – to celebrate! Ten more days till Christmas Eve when we will all be together again in her living room awaiting Santa Claus. The magic of Christmas has begun!

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