Tonight our school district presented, “A Winter Choral Spectacular” concert.  It featured the choral department of the two middle schools and the high school. There were over 600 students performing.  Each school performed separately and then the finale combined all three schools.  With that many talented students participating it was a truly beautiful show.

Our family is not very “musically inclined” but Drew is in the chorus at his middle school so he was a part of it.  His group performed three songs before the finale and he seemed to sing, (albeit unenthusiastically,) along with the rest of the group.  During the finale though, Dave claimed he went “Milli Vanilli” on us because he seemed to lip synch his way through the song.  The only time I saw his mouth open wide was when he let out a big yawn.  Fortunately with more than 600 other singers, I think we were the only ones who noticed. DJ even told him, “Drew, you are so talented, you can sing without moving your mouth!”

So maybe singing is not “his thing” but at least I know that while he’s in chorus he is being exposed to a lot of different types of music that he would not be listening to otherwise.  I am happy that he is participating and trying it out. He will always sing…it just might not be in front of a crowd!


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