Christmas Shopping

christmas shopping

When we were little, Christmas shopping at the mall was an all day event.  My mom would pack the four of us in the car and we’d drive to a mall that wasn’t one we lived close to.  We had two malls within ten miles of us so she’d make it more of an adventure and take us somewhere farther.

We’d head out before the mall would open so that we’d get a great parking spot and we’d spend hours there! We would carry our bags out to the car every once awhile to unload and then go back in and shop some more.  As we got older, she’d give us a meeting spot so that we could each go off and shop on our own for a bit.  Then, we’d meet up for lunch somewhere in the mall.

It is hard to remember my mom being so mobile because it had been so long since she had been able to do that but today, as I shopped at The Mall at Short Hills, memories of those days flooded back to me.

I have been doing most of my holiday shopping locally and online.  I used to LOVE going to the mall.  Even when it wasn’t for holiday shopping.  Dave and I would spend hours just perusing the stores and window shopping before we had kids.  Lately though, it is one of the last places I want to be.  Maybe it is because I really don’t have the money to spend when I go….maybe it is because I no longer like waiting in lines or crowds of people.

I only went there tonight because I was celebrating my Goddaughter’s 11th birthday.  She had invited a group of friends to eat at The Cheesecake Factory and I joined them for dinner.  I decided that since I was already there, I’d get a little shopping done after we ate.

After an hour of shopping, I was done.  Not done shopping…just done.  I was hot.  I was tired. I was tired of waiting on lines.  That is when I began remembering the shopping we did with my mom.  How did we do it for all of those hours?  Did my mom really love it or did she do it for us because she knew how much we did?

Perhaps it was because I was shopping alone. If my kids ask me to spend the day shopping with them, I am sure I will jump at the opportunity.  Maybe online shopping has taken away some of the joy of “real” shopping. It is almost too easy.


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