We just finished decorating our Christmas tree, (better late than never.) Dave got it today while we were all at school.  It is a small but sturdy tree with strong branches for all the ornaments we have acquired over the years.  One of the reason it takes awhile to decorate the tree is because most of the ornaments mean something.  Just about every one of them has a story behind them.

There are the ones that I made when I was just a child.  Felt applique ones that my mom taught me how to make.  I have two of those.  There are also two cute little pom-pom animals I made when I was little.  There are lots of “World’s Best Teacher Ornaments” as well.  I tried to write the names on the backs of them so I could remember who gave them to me.

Each of us has a favorite and I kept pulling out one after another out of the box saying, “here’s my favorite,” over and over again.  There are two crystal pacifiers that my mom gave me when I was pregnant with DJ.  One is pink and one is blue.  I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl so she gave me one of each.  There are the photo ornaments from the kids.  A handprint clay ornament that Drew made in preschool.

There is our favorite red hot chili pepper glass ornament that we got on DJ’s first Christmas.  He had worn a red hot chili pepper costume that Halloween and every time I pull that one out of its special box, I remember that little costume.

dj chili pepper IMG_0105

It is hard to decide on a favorite.  Each one has a story and I am sure my kids are tired of hearing them, but hopefully someday, they’ll have some of these ornaments on their own trees.  I have one that is from when my dad was a little boy.  It is not a very pretty ornament, and it is showing its age, but it is still one that goes on the tree every year.  Dad let me take one our first Christmas after Dave and I got married when our tree was rather sparse!  Now it finds a place on our tree and is yet another ornament with a story that gets put back up every year.

Each ornament is a reminder of the more than 25 years of memories Dave and I have and each year, we are fortunate to add more memories to our tree.


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