pajama day

Yesterday was our school’s 5th annual pajama drive. It was another success! We were able to collect over 425 pairs of pajamas that were donated to the local Department of Children and Families.

Each year on pajama day, everyone comes to school dressed in their pajamas and we ask each family to bring a new pair of pajamas to donate. Since I organize it, the collection takes place in my classroom and the kindergarteners are amazed to watch the piles of pajamas grow and grow! We turn it into a math activity as we sort them into girl and boy piles and count how many we get.

I am so fortunate to be able to organize programs like this one at our school.  Our school community is so generous and I love being able to bring these ideas to fruition. None of them could be a success without the help of so many people.  I am grateful to everyone who helped to make this one another success!

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