How the Angel Got On Top of the Christmas Tree

angel on tree

A funny post for tonight: My mom always loved to tell this story on Christmas so I am sharing it in memory of her 🙂 It is not an original, but has been passed down for years….and it always changed a little bit each time.

How the Angel Got on Top of the Christmas Tree

It was Christmas Eve and Santa was getting ready for his trip around the world but there were problems popping up everywhere.  The elves were on strike, leaving Santa to pack his own sleigh.  He dropped his bag of toys as he got on the sleigh and the toys scattered everywhere!  Mrs. Claus had been nagging him all day.  The few reindeer that weren’t sick, weren’t hitched up to the sleigh properly and they took off with out him! To top it all off, he spilled his eggnog all over his red suit.

Just then, there was a knock on his door. Standing there was a sweet little angel holding the great big tree. In her most cheerful voice she said, “Santa, isn’t it the most lovely day? I have the tree for you!  Where would you like me to stick it?”

….and thus began the tradition of the angel on top of the tree!

And we have had one on top of our tree for as long as I can remember!!


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