Many Happy Returns

christmas is forever

The day after Christmas! One of the biggest shopping days of the year.  This year, we were lucky.  The only thing I needed to “return” was the plush robe Dave bought me.  I think he was tired of my old, beat up one that I have been using for years!

The robe he got me was perfect.  Great color, perfect fit BUT the salesperson left the security tag on it so I couldn’t get it off without braving Macy’s.  Fortunately there is a stand alone Macy’s just as close as the mall so I didn’t have to brave the crowds in the mall during the craziness of today.  One fairly short line, the security device was removed and I was done.

It was actually quite nice.  Everyone I encountered was in a good mood.  Someone held the door for me, I was wished a Merry Christmas a bunch of times and the holiday spirit was still in full swing.

Too bad the merriment of the holidays can’t be something we see all year long.

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