Good Morning 2015


Today is the day.  The first day of a new year.  A day for new beginnings. I like that it gives me a reason to start new.  A reason to do something different.  This year, I am going to be participating in a photo challenge.  I am excited about that.  Instead of starting each blog with a quote, I will start it with my photo. The first prompt was “Good Morning 2015.” I debated, about my photo.  There was a gorgeous sunrise this morning, which was the only positive thing about waking up at 6 am after being up past midnight.  Unfortunately, there are too many garages and trees in the way which obstructed me from getting any good shots.  For breakfast, I served Drew a mimosa – minus the champagne, (which is really just orange juice in a pretty glass,) to celebrate the new year.  Cute photos, but not one I really wanted to use.

I launched my new business venture today.  I am going to be a merchandiser for Chloe and Isabel, a jewelry company.  I will be having in home parties and online pop-shops selling their awesome jewelry.  I am really excited about it and already have one party booked and two pending!!  My childhood friend Ann was my first buyer on line today! I am so grateful for her.  She has given me even more motivation and drive!

Check out my new website. I would love to hear your feedback – and while you are browsing…if you find something you love – you can purchase it through my first on line pop-shop! That runs through January 4th.  If you want to hold your own on-line pop-shop and earn free jewelry, let me know and we can make that happen.  That’s what is so amazing with the world of the internet. We don’t even have to personally know each other to make this work.  I am so excited to start off 2015 with a goal!

“Good Morning 2015!”


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