Open Possiblities

Today’s photo prompt is “Open Possibilities” and this photo was perfect!


We aren’t huge basketball fans, but prefer college hoops over professional. We do follow Seton Hall because we live about two miles from there.  A lot of my friends went to school there and since they are local, we are able to get to a lot of games.  On Wednesday, they defeated St. Johns who were ranked 15, and today the game went into overtime and they defeated 6th ranked Villanova!

The last time I can remember all of us getting this excited for basketball was when Seton Hall went to  1989 NCAA Final Four!  I went to another university with a basketball team and was still rooting for my home town team to win!  It did a lot for basketball in our area though!

So today, open possibilities for The Seton Hall Pirates!  Lots of games are still to be played, but it was fun to be caught up in the excitement once again!  For our family, this is another opportunity to cheer on a winning team because right now, none of our other teams are on that track! Go Pirates!

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