A Reflection of Me

reflection of me Jan 4e

When I read today’s photo challenge, “A Reflection of Me,” all I could think about were all of my past blogs about self-image.  I do not take selfies.  At least not of me alone.  I will jump into a group shot but rarely will you find me standing in front of a mirror photographing myself.  That is why that project my friend Tammy had me do early last year was so incredibly tough for me.  It started with her making me name one thing I loved about my appearance.  The following week, she made us take 3 selfies, print them and share them with each other.  We had to point out what we liked best about each others photos and what we saw in our own.

It was so easy to find beauty in theirs but it was so hard to find it in my own.  I wasn’t alone in this thought.  Every single one of us found it hard to find beauty in our own photos.  When I see people posting selfies I don’t feel any animosity towards them – in fact it is the opposite.  I feel a bit envious of their confidence.

I have been getting better about this.  I am finding more reasons to feel confident and not hiding in the back when it is time to take a photo.  I still find my self covering the side of my face with my hair and that might not change.

I chose today’s photo because I am there, inside each raindrop…behind the camera….the place I love to be, but I am there.  Reflected in each of those raindrops is a blurred image of me.  Usually the way I feel when a photo is taken of me is, vulnerable and exposed…but when I am behind the camera, you will see the confident, self-assured person I can really be!

self esteem image

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