My Gear

When I saw the photo prompt for today, My Gear, I knew right away that I would take a photo of my camera equipment.  I don’t have a lot of it, but what I have, I love!

Then, I got home from work and sitting at my front door was a box with “chloe + isabel” written across it.  MY NEW GEAR!!  My starter kit from c+i! I was like a little kid at Christmas! I ripped open the box and unwrapped each of those pieces and then browsed through the catalog.  I have been playing around with it trying to figure out how to best display the pieces.  I am going to have to learn some design strategies now! Something I have never excelled in but will discover how to now!

Immediately I changed my mind and decided that I’d photograph this instead.


My friend Lidia has even offered me a chance to share it with others at her studio on Saturday.  I am so grateful for that! I hope others like it as much as I do and want to host parties where they can get their own free jewelry.  The jewelry is better than I even expected it to be and I cannot wait to begin to share it!


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