On the first day I began the photo challenge this year, I knew that I might have trouble with some of the prompts and this was one of them.  Fortunately – the photo I use doesn’t have to be taken on the particular day.  I did take a few photos on my phone today to go along with “take at least one photo a day challenge.”  They had nothing to do with the prompt though. So I decided to use one I created about a week ago.  The photos in the montage are oldies.  Some of my very favorite faces of the boys from when they were little.

It might not be the exact definition of multifaceted but I can make it work for this!

bw montage

Each one of these photos is from years ago, but I can remember where and when each one of them was taken and each one of them brings a smile to my face.  Facet is defined on, as “an aspect or phase, as of a subject or personality.”   I think this works!

Sometimes I think my kids get tired of me having my camera around wherever we go, but look at the memories I get to savor because of it!!

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