White (sort of)


This morning, I went to 9:30 mass at Our Lady of Sorrows.  I sat where I often do, across from the baptismal font. Today’s mass just happened to be the celebration of “The Baptism of the Lord.”  I rarely get religious in any of my posts and this one won’t be either.  It just happens to fit the photo prompt of the day, “white,” although I am not sure that this really considered white – but close enough because it worked for my blog.

I am not sure why I never realized this before.  Perhaps I just never thought about it, but as I listened to Father Rich speaking to us about Jesus’ baptism, after sprinkling us all with water from the font, I realized that this font, which I believe is original to the church, must be the same one that my mother, Dave, my boys and I were ALL baptized from.

Truly not a big deal but  I would have thought that after being a parishioner of this church my entire life and sitting across it every week for years, the thought might have crossed my mind at some point. It wasn’t until today that it did.

Each week, I am awed by the beauty of our church.  From the stained glass windows to the stone architecture.  It always amazes me how intricately designed it is and this baptismal font is only a small part of its beauty.

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