Today’s photo prompt is “frost” and although it is cold and miserable here in New Jersey, I could not find any frost this afternoon. Plenty of old dirty snow, but no frost.  I guess I missed my opportunity when I left for work this morning.  Now, everything has just turned into cold, miserable rain.

I decided instead to get some inspiration elsewhere and dig into the freezer – but I couldn’t even find much in there! Dave helped out, frosting up a mug and pouring a beer for me but I just couldn’t get a great shot of it. Drew and I looked through the cereal cabinet for some “Frosted Flakes” but nothing but healthy cereals in there right now.  Plus, what could I really write about cereal or beer?


I decided to take a shower, get into my pajamas and start brainstorming when I saw this cute palette of eye shadows my 12 year old niece Gabi gave me for Christmas.  It is from the store, “Claire’s” so she thought it was a perfect gift for me.  Frosty eye shadow! It works…not exactly what I had intended but it photographed pretty well.  Not a spectacular shot, but since Gabi is a big fan of my blog, it is for her.  Thanks for the eye shadow and the inspiration tonight Gabi.

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