A Pop of Color

This photo challenge itself hasn’t been that hard….it is tying it into my blog that I am finding difficult.  Dave and the boys helped tonight.  A Pop of Color was easy to find at dinner tonight.  It was Taco Tuesday and Dave made our favorite chicken tacos.  It is no secret that our boys are horrid eaters but finally Drew is branching out and eating more.  He got a Fit Bit and it is inspiring him to eat healthier and exercise more. He is eating salad, maybe not a big deal for many people – but I actually think I may have shed a few tears that first time he ate it – I was so happy!

I started with a picture of Dave’s salad and the bright red tomato pierced on the fork but settled on another one – Drew’s choice.  He set up the shot himself. He is a dessert lover and probably considers it his favorite “meal” of the day.  On this new “health kick,” instead of ice cream or cookies, he has been choosing a bowl of strawberries, (smothered in whipped cream….but still STRAWBERRIES.) So here it is – our Pop of Color for the day…


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