So Long but Not Good Bye

Today we bid a farewell to one of my favorite people in the world. Ola, or “Miss A” to the children, has worked along side the Kindergarten team at our school for five years.  She is loved and adored by everyone teachers and students alike.

Ola has a magical way with children and I am not sure if anyone will be able to replace her as she  moves on to bigger and better things! She has launched her own business in the entertainment industry –  a dream of hers for years that is finally coming to fruition.  We are all so proud of her but don’t know how we will go on without her by our sides.  We have something unique where we work.  Not just a work relationship, but a relationship built on friendship.

Many of us gathered tonight after work to toast her as she leaves us.  This photo is just from my phone and not a great one, but the theme for tonight’s photo challenge is, First Taste, so here is a toast to her.  We are going to miss her more than she will ever know.


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