Just the Two of Us

Dave and DJ are in Boston for the weekend. DJ is looking at Lassel College which is right outside of Boston.  It is a very small liberal arts college and hopefully a good fit for him.  From what he has told me so far, he loves it and it is near the top of his list so fingers crossed he gets in and we get some great financial aide 😉

In the meantime, Drew and I have a whole weekend with just the two of us, (and Emmy Lou of course.)  He is enjoying the photo prompt activities I have been doing as well and today’s word, “Powder,” was one we decided we would find together.  We started off our day with brunch at the Parkwood Diner.  He was going to order waffles so that he could get them covered in powdered sugar – his idea for the photo, but at the last minute he decided to choose a lunch instead of breakfast so that shot was out.

We talked about all of the things we could do with our day and we decided to spend the rest of the day at home watching movies, playing board games and catching up on the book he is reading for school, “Freak the Mighty.”  While we were driving home, we were passing my favorite cupcake store, Gigi’s when we looked at each other and said, “Should we?” Drew suggested we just might get a powdery picture if we went in there so we might as well!  There were no powdery cupcakes though, and since we couldn’t leave without a couple of mini cupcakes for dessert…we bought a few.  As I went to pay, he pulled out his own money and treated ❤ Now we have dessert for tonight.  Can’t wait.

We pulled into the driveway and right in the middle was a huge pile of broken ice.  Crushed actually into what else…a powder! It was waiting for us right in our own home.  Drew got the shot ready, and I took a photo right there with my phone.


Now we are getting ready to make some popcorn, turn on a movie and settle in for the rest of the night.  I love these days!

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