This is one of my favorite weeks of teaching as a Kindergarten teacher.  We focus all week on Martin Luther King Jr.  Many of the students don’t know much about him and when they learn that there was a time that we could not all be together because of the color of our skin, they are shocked.  This is something most of them cannot comprehend because they know of no other way.  To hear that they could not go to school with children who are different colors than they are is bewildering.

I spend days talking about MLK, reading about him and just talking about tolerance. Today’s photo prompt, Trio worked perfectly in today’s lesson.  Three “flesh” colored markers and an innocent drawing from one little girl in my class says it all – in her very own “kindergarten spelling,” with three children who are different colors…


“Be nice to everyone”

If only everyone could think like a five year old. ❤


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