Where’s the Snow?

Meal or Play

The dreaded “S” word.  Snow.  It was expected today.  Right around dismissal of school.  I wasn’t looking forward to it.  The Kindergarteners were though!  Everyday we track the weather and graph it on our calendar and this morning as we added another “cloudy” to the board, they asked me if it started to snow during the day could we change it!?? It never happened and I can’t say that I am disappointed.  We might still get some overnight but I don’t think it is expected to be so bad.  This weekend is another story – a Nor’Easter they just announced on the news.  I hope it doesn’t happen.

Today’s photo prompt was “Meal or Play?” I had no idea how to go about this one.  Our dinner, albeit a delicious one, wasn’t really one that was worthy of photographing.  I decided to go on the “play” side of the prompt and build my own snowman.  Not out of the snow we never received, but out of fruit from the refrigerator instead.  A snowman much more to my liking.


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2 thoughts on “Where’s the Snow?

  1. djgrrr17 January 21, 2015 at 7:14 pm Reply

    Love that snowman!

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