It Didn’t Stay Away


I guess it was bound to happen. Snow.  About 6 inches of it.  Enough to need to be shoveled, but not enough to keep us home bound. Despite how much I complain about it, it is beautiful.  Today is the wet, heavy, snowball making kind of snow.  Fun snow.  Plus, it is not too cold out there so it wasn’t miserable to be out shoveling. With all four of us and our neighbor working together we got our enormous driveway completely done within an hour.  That driveway – no exaggeration, can fit about 16 cars parked side by side in it! We share it with the neighbor so there are six cars parked on it daily and still plenty of room for more.  A great driveway for the kids playing sports out there, but not so great when it comes to shoveling.

One storm down.  One due overnight on Sunday.  Hoping that’s the worst of it this winter….but there are still two months to go.

Photo prompt today, “Who and What” so the “who” in this photo are the four of us working together to get the job done.  The “what” the kids basketball net filled with snow which made for a great shot even on this gray day.

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