Playtime. There is nothing like it.  It is my students’ favorite part of the day.  As we go around the circle each day as we end our class, I make every child tell each other what their favorite part of the day was.  “Playtime” is the answer that comes up most often.  At first, I tried to discourage that from being the answer, hoping that they would think about more academic things that happened each day. The whole idea behind, “Favorite Part of the Day,” when I started it, was so that when they went home after school and their parents asked, “What did you do in school today,” everything is still fresh in their mind and they didn’t answer, “I can’t remember.” I have quickly realized that there is nothing wrong with choosing playtime as their favorite part.  I sometimes have to remind myself that they are only five. They SHOULD like playtime the best.

Playtime is still one of my favorite things.  When my boys decide that they want to have a game night, I jump at the opportunity!

Today’s photo prompt is Play and I knew I would have no problem with a picture for it and I didn’t.  I took several but decided that I was going to share one from yesterday.  Playing out in the snow, on the big hill in town.  Drew, even at 13 years old was out there with his friends – playing.  Having the best time I have seen him have in awhile.  Drew is a kid who still plays, and while he likes video games, it makes me so happy that the games he likes to play most are outside.  Backyard hockey, baseball, football….he loves it all and even at 13 years old, he needs that release at the end of each day.

Kids need the time to just be that.  Kids.  They will be working for the rest of their lives and although he has to have homework done first, I encourage him to go outside and play. I am looking forward to the longer days when the sun is up late and he is outside playing until we need to nearly drag him back into the house.

Maybe everyone should build a little bit of playtime into each day.

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