This afternoon, our school had a “Code Red Drill.’  A complete lock-down of the school where everyone goes into hiding and waits until the police have deemed the building safe.  It was only a drill.  Everyone in the school has been taught where we are to hide and be out of site and the drill went smoothly.  22 children, our full time classroom nurse, a parent volunteer and I all sat silently in our hiding space and waited….for over thirty minutes.

Imagine keeping 22 five and six year olds quiet for over thirty minutes! Not an easy task, yet they did it.  I kept reassuring them that it was a drill and only one was very scared.  She held my hand the entire time and we just waited.  These drills are unnerving but so important.  It makes me sad to know that children need to grow up in a world where these practices will be the norm.  After the experience DJ went through in November with a suspected active shooter in his building, I realized even more how important it is to know how to react.

As we were sitting, all crushed together in our hiding spot, I noticed a group of our feet all jumbled together.  The photographer in me wanted to take a photo of it so badly, but knew that I couldn’t do it during the drill.  Right then, I knew it would be my blog though.  Tethered, is today’s photo prompt and although we weren’t tethered by string or rope, we were tethered together body to body, side by side. After school, I took three photos of the place where we were all cramped together and then realized there was no way I could post that either…without giving away our hiding spot!  So, instead, here is a picture of my boot.  The one I was wearing during the drill.  The one that was intermingled with six or seven little feet surrounding it.

I will always be tethered to my students it is my job and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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