Today’s photo prompt Commitment is an easy one for me to write today. Commitment can be looked at so many different ways. For Dave and me, today commitment means giving up the afternoon and evening to sit by my dad’s side as we wait in the hospital to find out what is wrong this time 😳

He hasn’t been feeling well and even with our pleading to get himself checked, he refused and attempted to get better on his own leaving us right back where we were several times last year- in the emergency room – just waiting.

His spirits are good, but he’s frustrated. So are we. Not with the hospital. They’re wonderful. It is hard to say I told you so to your father but…

Always looking for “signs” I noticed his room number. A mix of two of my lucky numbers. Maybe it will bring us some karma. For now we will wait and see….


4 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. dale gianni January 30, 2015 at 9:23 pm Reply

    waiting to hear that all is ok…or just something…i know u have been in touch with my kids…gubby waiting and both of us concerned…stubborn is always the answer…at 69, it’s hard to change someone…especially if he is scared…we both tried also, to tell him to see the dr…he even called to tell me he didn’t to the game the other nite..but last nite he did?? wtf? anyway, sorry u are going thru this…keep me posted..dodo moved to DOI u xo

    • clairesinclair January 30, 2015 at 9:36 pm Reply

      I have tried calling you a few times. Won’t go through. You can call me whenever you want. He is admitted and in a room and will probably sleep the rest of the night. Dave and I are home. I won’t get back there till late tomorrow but Kathi and the boys will go up. Miss you. You are not meant to go away!!!!!!!

  2. Lynne Ellen Facher January 30, 2015 at 10:50 pm Reply

    The changes that come with aging can sometimes be hard to ‘sit’ with. Charlie is just 9 years my senior ??? I thought I was so much younger then your folks when I started baby sitting! I hope St. Barnabas gets him feeling better quickly and that he starts keeping up on that good feeling. It’s tough when ‘the body’ starts it’s aging process and we have to adapt to that change. I’ve found that what I eat and how much I move in a day makes a huge difference in how I feel. I’ll keep good thoughts fro Charlie getting back to his old self. (>’.'<)

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