One Done

This year, when I decided to continue writing my blog, I chose to approach it a little differently.  I had found a Photo Challenge and since I had just gotten my new camera, I thought it would be a great way to incorporate the photography and blog into one.  I wasn’t sure if I liked it…and to be honest, some of the prompts were tough!  It has definitely forced me to take at least one photo a day though!

On January 1st I said I would stick it out for the month and make a decision on the 31st whether or not I’d stick to the photo part of the blog.  I realized, that it was very easy to keep writing because the prompts are really open ended.  I got “stuck” way less often when unsure about to write about.  Even Drew and Dave got curious about the prompt for the day.

February’s list is up.  I am up for another month of the photo challenge.  As long as I can keep thinking of things to relate the prompts to, I will keep on doing it!!

The idea behind the photos, for “real photographers” is to learn more and become more creative.  For me, I am taking it a bit differently.  For example, #22 last month was Color Blocking which I learned was a type of creative way of shooting photos.  I used it differently and wrote about Martin Luther King and Kindergarten.

I have already looked ahead and seen some of February’s prompts and some of them look tough.  We will see how it goes.  Today’s prompt was One Done.  One month down.  It was fun.


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