Heart, the photo prompt for today. It wasn’t easy getting a photo for this one on my phone.  I took one of the white board in my dad’s hospital that had a cute heart drawn on it – but didn’t love the shot.  I took this one too.  Don’t love it but it tells the story.

heart stuff

These are some monitors on my dad’s chest. He is still in the hospital. The good news is, dad’s heart seems healthy. The bad news is his lungs are filled with Pneumonia.  He is still on oxygen but his fever is down and his spirits are better.  He needs a few more tests and won’t be going home for at least a few more days.  It is probably best this way since another snow storm is heading our way and he’s being monitored and watched closely.

So….we will wait to hear what comes next.  I know he appreciates all your love and prayers.  So do we.

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