Ice Storm

Blurred Backgrounds is the prompt for today.  Although I don’t like it much, snow and ice are some of my favorite things to photograph because they make for such beautiful photos. I was worried about having my camera out for too long today because of the frozen rain, but I still took a lot of them.  I have a bunch of favorites, including one that Drew took of my hair frozen into icicles. Since I didn’t actually take that photo though, I chose this one instead.


School was canceled again which gave Dave and me time to get ourselves up to the hospital to visit my dad.  He was just on his way out for a bone scan so we had a lunch “date” in the hospital cafeteria while we waited.  We stayed with dad for a few hours but still no results from the scan so we left because the roads were really getting unsafe.  He’s in good spirits and the antibiotics are working on his pneumonia which is a good thing.  Hopefully a few more days of healing at the hospital and he will be on his way home.

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