Proud Mom

Yesterday, I couldn’t get a photo. Despite the easy prompt it just didn’t happen.  Today, My View, was completely different.  While I spent the morning at my grammy’s making sure that her care taking was under control, and then with my dad, getting him transported to a rehabilitation center, I took lots of photos on my phone.  Beautiful photos of the iced over plants and the sunset.  I even had the blog all written in my head.

But then, I got home and this had arrived in the mail.

DJ Lasell picture

DJ’s first college acceptance letter.  Lasell College right outside of Boston.  One of his top choices.  He is so happy, he is so relieved.  He is even received an “Academic Achievement Award” giving him some money each year to put towards tuition.  He had been getting so anxious, as all of his friend’s were receiving acceptance letters already.  He hadn’t heard from anywhere – positive or negative so he was getting very discouraged.  His smile was the best view I had all day!

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